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Country : Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
Summary : Rent of Transport for Hostile Materials
LYT Ref No : 45264758
Tender Notice No : 01/2020 AD
Competition : ICB
Financier : Self Financed
Attn: Mr. Haitham Jumah Al-Taher Phone: +218-926552793 Ext. 102
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
Tender Details : Tenders are invited for Rent of Transport for Hostile Materials (dry - Frozen - Fresh). -The Fountain - Al Bayda - Al Hamada -Al-Waha - Gallo - Al Samah - Slip - Al Zaweya Specific Center -Sidra - Ras Lanuf - Zueitina Port -Excavators. Brochure value 500 dinars The National Company for Supplying Oil Fields and Ports announces its desire to rent trucks transporting foodstuffs (dry / meat / fresh) to operate on the system of trips from Tripoli to the oil fields and ports and their properties. All specialized companies that have competence, ability, previous experience and a sincere desire to participate in this tender must submit the withdrawal of the bid book from Monday, 08/17/2020 AD until Thursday, 09/17/2020 AD and through direct delivery from an officially authorized representative. If you pay the non-returnable value in cash or with a check certified by a Libyan bank. The offers must be submitted according to the conditions set forth below: - The offer shall be presented in four separate envelopes sealed with red wax and sealed with the seal of the bidder, indicating the name of the bid, the number of the tender and the name of the participating entity on each envelope in clear writing so that the first envelope contains the un-priced financial offer so that it includes the value of the primary insurance, the second envelope on the priced financial offer and the third envelope on The technical offer includes all the capabilities and previous experiences in the field and the fourth envelope contains a file for the carrier company that includes the following documents: A copy of a valid permission to practice the activity. A copy of a recent official extract from the commercial register. A copy of a valid certificate of registration in the Chamber of Commerce. · Proof of payment of tax (valid certificate). A copy of the articles of incorporation. A copy of the company`s articles of association. Offers shall be submitted according to the job description and the special conditions attached to this announcement during official working hours to the committee formed by Resolution No. 120 of 2020 AD related to the work of contracting procedures with land transport companies for the benefit of the National Oil Company and knead at the address - Nasr Street after the traffic light - Tripoli, no later than At 14:00 on Thursday, 17/09/2020. Any offer that does not comply with the conditions and procedures set forth above will not be accepted, and any offer participating in the bid is not taken into consideration unless it is similar to the subject of the tender and clearly expresses the ability of the bidder to complete the required work with extreme accuracy, and the company has the right to cancel the bid without mentioning the reasons, and it also does not bear The National Company for Supplying Oilfields and Dead Sea Any expenses incurred by the participating party as a result of canceling the bid. For any inquiries, please contact Mr. Haitham Jumah Al-Taher at the following address: - the legal administration - ......... Phone number: 0926552793 Ext. 102 Note: All correspondence must be addressed in the name of the head of the committee formed for contracting in the field of road transport. Job description Truck type / trucks intended for the transport of dry materials Refrigerators frozen items and meat. Trucks for fresh materials Work area / oil port fields Working hours required / upon request. Work system / trip system. Method of payment / payment is made based on the monthly completed works according to the timetables approved by the beneficiary management and according to the procedures followed by the company`s financial department. Work period / year from start date, subject to extension. [Disclaimer: The above text is machine translated. For accurate information kindly refer the original document.].
Deadline : 17th Sep 2020
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